Jeffrey Gero, PhD

Stress Management Specialist, Sports Psychology Coach

11710 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Dr. Gero is a pioneer in the field of stress management and the creator of the Success Over Stress System. For over 35 years, Dr. Gero has worked with many organizations and individuals dealing with a variety of stressors and organizational challenges. He delivered the first stress management program for the California Department of Corrections at San Quentin Prison; he assisted the Los Angeles Times with the stress surrounding the 1984 Olympics; he helped Allied Signal with the stress involving a plant closing; helped JPL (NASA) deal with the stress after the failure of the Mars Project; and, he assisted paramedics in the California State Firefighters Association with job stress. Other clients include State Compensation Insurance Fund, General Motors, Sheraton Hotels, Dept. of the Army, Xerox, Amgen, Hawaiian Telephone, State of Hawaii Department of Health and Dole. He is former director of the Health Awareness Institute and the Stress Management Institute of California.

Prior to entering the consulting field and working with individuals, Dr. Gero was a very successful Madison Avenue real estate executive. He has since been on staff at the University of Hawaii, Antioch University, Southern States University, The Institute of Business Management Entrepreneurship, The Union Graduate School, and the Hughes Institute for Professional Development. He is former director of the Health Awareness Institute and the Stress Management Institute of California.

Dr. Gero researched and wrote his doctoral dissertation on meditation. As part of his research he began a self-imposed meditation program. He sat and meditated in a box daily and over a six-month period built up his meditation time to 2 1/2 hours. Jeff realized that the nature of the mind is to keep busy, usually focusing on problems, worries, anxieties and fears, creating an unhealthy environment. The Yoga literature compares the mind to a drunken monkey that has been bit by a scorpion. Very Active! It becomes our challenge to refocus and calm our mind by meditating, which is holding the mind on one thought or object for a period of time. Researchers have found that meditation benefits both the body and mind by lowering blood pressure, drug dependency, cholesterol, anxiety levels, asthma and other psychosomatic dis-eases while increasing stress resilience, ability to fall asleep, brain hemisphere synchronicity and alertness. This experience and knowledge led him to teach stress management and meditation to organizations and individuals.

Over the years thousands of people throughout the world have benefited from Dr. Gero’s programs and coaching. In his published book, Secrets to Success at Work, he uses his unique ability to weave vital success principles into a delightful story. Dr. Gero co-wrote and co-produced a relaxation and stress management video hosted by Dennis Weaver, has produced a variety of stress management, healing and peak-performance CDs and has authored a manual for individuals to implement his Success Over Stress system. He has appeared on many TV and radio programs, has co-written two screen plays. Jeff was granted a United States patent for a computer biofeedback mouse that helps reduce stress while enhancing productivity.

In addition to working with organizations, Dr. Gero coaches athletes to enhance their performance. At age 45, Jeff began competing in sprint triathlons and playing golf. He began to use the tools he was teaching others to improve his own sport abilities. His compassion for teenagers and love of sports led him to work with professional athletes and students from local high schools (Agoura, El Camino, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Grant, Taft and Newbury Park high schools). Athletes from various sports include baseball, tennis, golf, football, basketball, gymnastics, swimming and soccer. To help athletes develop their mental game Dr. Gero developed a systematic program which includes an audio CD that imprints positive mental programming for success. He was the sports psychology coach to the Newbury Park High School baseball team who won the CIF championship in 2012. His Popular CD for mental training is being used by professional major league baseball players and golfers. His training sessions includes staying calm under pressure, building confidence, visualization, relaxation, affirmation and power words for getting into the optimal sports zone.

Dr. Gero has served on the board of the American Society of Training and Development, and continues to serve on the board of two non-profit education organizations. He makes time to meditate and exercise almost every day. He also enjoys playing golf, hiking, and having a good laugh!

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