Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Pacific Coast Sports Medicine

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  • “The office (all staff) is warm, welcoming, professional and efficient.” – Anna E. (from
  • “The office staff at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine is incredible. Nicole especially is absolutely 100% attentive and engaging, and each time I’ve visited the office I’ve never been kept waiting and have always been immediately addressed by name.” – Andreas T. (from
  • “The staff, Lauren & Jenny, is a huge plus: really friendly, efficient, available and well organized–the best staff I have encountered in any doctor’s office. If you have gone to other doctor’s offices where the receptions alone make you cringe; from being permanently irritable to snooty to obnoxious, then this front office will make you restore your faith in the medical service industry. I guess good doctors have good support team!” – Julia R. (from
  • “The staff is very friendly, professional and go out of their way to help you…The office is clean and comfortable. They are always timely and I’m in and out of there in minutes.” – Ethel F. (from
  • “They have much more staff to help you than I have seen elsewhere. And I have interacted with 5 of the staff so far, and they have always been professional, courteous, and have been very flexible as my needs changed. My appointment was on time, and they validated parking.” – Smart C. (from

Walter O’Brien, MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Walter O'Brien          

  • “Dr. O’Brien has been my orthopedist for the past 15 years. He is kind, compassionate and an excellent surgeon. One of the reasons I continue to see him is that he is very honest. He always tells you the truth and never does anything that isn’t necessary. His staff is very efficient and friendly as well.” – Cynthia W. (from
  • “After several surgeries and physical therapy elsewhere managed to stabilize my ankle, I was told by most doctors that I had run out of options and that any further improvement was probably out of the question. When I met Dr. O’Brien, though, we discussed stem cell therapy as an option…I had the procedure in December…and it’s now 4 months later. I’ve seen Dr. O’Brien for a few follow-up visits since then, and in that time I’ve experienced not only increased mobility but also a marked decrease in pain. Considering both the thoroughly pleasant atmosphere of the office, the friendly efficiency with which everything is conducted, and the amazing results of my treatment so far, I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Dr. O’Brien.” – Andreas T. (from
  • “I was referred to Dr. O’Brien after a motorcycle accident. He looked at the x-rays I brought with me and advised me on how to take care of my fractured bones. He and his staff were prompt, professional and courteous.” – Joshua S. (from
  • “Dr. O’Brien is an excellent surgeon, he successfully operated on my torn meniscus and his office staff treated me as if they’d known me my whole life. I received an expensive lilac plant from them that is still blooming one year later when my mother died. Both Dr. O’Brien and his staff put up with me as time marched on when I ultimately needed a knee replacement, as I could never make up my mind to do it. But now I’m ready and while I’m not looking forward to having the surgery, I know Dr. O’Brien will do a great job.” – Kristine K. (from
  • “Dr. Walter O’Brien fixed both my shoulders with arthroscopic surgery 3 years ago. I keep up with all exercises and I’m back to normal. He is amazing” – Patricia M. (from
  • “My doctor is Walter O’Brien…and he is certainly worth the drive to this location for treatment and visits…I have seen Dr. O’Brien for a number of years. First as a referral for my arthritis and second for a Worker’s Comp injury. In both cases, he was nothing but professional, knowledgeable, caring and easy to talk to. He has a great “bedside” manner and actually listens and explains. I would recommend him to anyone, very highly. I actually changed HMO plans so I could keep him as my Orthopedic specialist.” – Ethel F. (from
  • “I asked a lot of questions, and Dr. O’Brien answered them thoroughly and patiently. His ‘bedside manner’ was one of the best I have ever experienced, which aids greatly to put you at ease about your condition. One day, I needed a second opinion about a different specialist’s treatment. I caught Dr. O’Brien in the hall, and he graciously took me to his office and supplied the info immediately. A very kind gesture from a busy, yet gracious doctor.” – Smart C. (from
  • “Dr. O’Brien was on point and very professional at our initial meeting. Dr. O’Brien ended up replacing my knee and his follow-up, therapeutic recommendations… everything has been top notch! As scary as TKR is, this doctor was honest, straightforward and extremely knowledgeable. Other orthopedic professionals who have reviewed my file, provided therapy and even other doctors have complimented his expert work in the field of knee replacement. Over the past 2 1/2 years the treatment by both he and his staff has been wonderful. His orthopedic knowledge has been on point and his bedside manner has been great as well. I’m still treating with him for another ailment and KNOW I could not be in more capable hands. I have recommended him to several other people.” – C.M. (from
  • “I fractured my foot and Dr O’Brien has been fantastic these past few weeks. He is so nice, great care and great check ups. I would recommend him to anyone!” – Designit P. (from
  • “Dr. O’Brien really knows his stuff! Unlike the other orthopedic who I visited for advice, Dr. O didn’t hesitate to explain non-invasive methods, didn’t try to take advantage of my issue to exploit it and milk me of my money. To this day, his recommendations have worked and I am long overdue for a big thanks to him. I think a lot of people are used to seeing doctors who make a big deal out of…a major issue sure, BUT sometimes you don’t need surgery necessarily. The only think I would suggest for him is to have more non-traditional hours of service: be open more nights or weekends instead of the whole 9-5-like weekday schedule. Doctors with those schedules come at a dime a dozen. Dr. O, you’re worth more than them!”– Jorge G. (from

Thomas Grogan, MD – Orthopedic Surgery

grogan           SOCCER

  • “After I broke my arm I went through the insurance nightmare of the century and thus was living life with an untreated broken arm. Until that is, I found Dr. Thomas Grogan who I was able to afford to see without using my insurance! I wish I could go to Dr. Grogan for ALL my medical needs as he was one of the most helpful, educated, compassionate, and professional doctors I’ve ever been to!” – Breanna C. (from
  • “He’s a gentle sweet Doctor and no doubt really busy with more serious injuries, he took the time to listen, care and help me understand what is going on.” – Susan M. (from
  • “Looked up Dr. Grogan and he was able to see us within 2 hours of my call…He is the best! Doesn’t take insurance but is honest and very fair pricing. The office staff is very friendly and efficient. Thank you!” – Tamara P. (from
  • “The smartest orthopedic problem solver I have met. I would recommend him very highly. I had a problem that 4 other orthopedists could not solve and he figured it out quickly…In a world where orthopedists have limited skills in diagnosing a problem (or having you do the procedure they know), it is refreshing to find someone who has the knowledge and perspective to get the diagnosis right. And he is a great caring guy also!” – Peter C. (from
  • “He was able to see me same day and took great care of me. I have an injury from last year that is being aggravated by Accutane and he was very understanding and helpful.” – C.G. (from
  • “Dr. Grogan and staff were efficient, friendly and large hearted. ?Thank goodness there are still doctors motivated first by healing their patients?and not the almighty dollar!” – Nancy F. (from
  • “It has been a long time since I’ve met a surgeon who is compassionate and not motivated by money and places the welfare of his patients first. I did meet that man in Dr. Grogan. I am soooo thankful I went to see him. My knee is better and it didn’t cost me an unborn child. If you are in need of an Orthopaedic Surgeon, you should call Dr. Grogan.” – Vortex G. (from
  • “A Standout real doctor’s office. Straightforward, caring and professional treatment by Dr. Grogan. We took our chance reading the great reviews about Dr. Grogan and brought our son with a fractured wrist that was taken care of elsewhere. Dr. Grogan was excellent; he communicated easily with my son, explained and answered our questions and refreshingly didn’t try to inflate the services or bill for that matter. The rates are very reasonable and his integrity is outstanding. We had to see the Dr. again for the other wrist, and weren’t disappointed, the second visit only solidified our first impression.” – Julia R. (from

Babak Samimi, MD – Orthopedic Surgery

samimi           handball

  • The “likelihood of recommending Dr. Samimi to family and friends is 4 out of 5 [stars].” (from
  • “Dr. Samimi is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. He is professional and caring. He knows what he is doing and is extremely well trained. He is a very nice doctor with very good bedside manners.” – Jennifer M. (from
  • “Well I have to give this doctor’s office more than 5 stars for helping heal my broken knee. Doctor Samimi’s office is family-owned father and son, the one that was treating me was the son and he is one heck of a cool doctor and funny. My experience being treated here for the past 7 weeks was just great with his office the staff and everyone that works there is just super cool–couldn’t describe it any better.” – Charly B. (from
  • “If I could give Dr. Babak Samimi 10 stars I would. He is not only the best surgeon in the area and surrounding area, but he is genuinely a very good person. I had a complicated break in my wrist, which involved three pins and a plate just to stabilize the joint. Dr. Samimi preformed a flawless surgery along with some of the best patient follow-up I have ever experienced. A week after my surgery, I had questions for him. I called and left a VM, and within 10 min, I had three missed calls from him. That’s simply unheard of, I would know, I work with doctors for a living.” – Misha G. (from
  • “He was awesome! I had seen 2 other orthopaedic professionals and he gave me a ton more information than they ever did. I’m so happy I went for a 2nd opinion.” – Stacy M. (from
  • “Very nice and friendly, and took the time to explain everything!” – Billie B. (from
  • “Probably the best office visit experience I’ve ever had. I was seen quickly (even though it was late in the afternoon) and he was really on the ball. He gave freely of his time and encouraged any questions – which was quite refreshing. I would highly recommend him!” – William F. (from
  • “Was very pleased with the experience and will be returning to his office! My husband felt confident in the doctor’s assessment and recommendation as to treatment!” – Randy C. (from
  • “The greatest doctor! Best service!” – Harry F. (from
  • “Such a great experience!! I broke my ankle on Feb 10, 2014, but because of a lapse in my insurance I wasn’t able to see an orthopedic doctor until almost a month later. ?I was given my referral on a Wednesday, called to make an appointment that day and got in to see the doctor the very next day at 10 am. ??Greeted by the first office staff–they were very welcoming, I was taken back right away– only about a 10 minute wait. I was filling out my paperwork as a new patient…??The doctors and staff were all very friendly, very professional!” – Myshell L. (from
  • “I was lucky I was referred to Dr. Samimi’s office from Smart Clinic in Industry as I didn’t personally know of any surgeons who could operate on my torn Achilles tendon. I had a positive experience with Dr. Samimi and I would recommend him with this type of surgery…Thanks Dr. Samimi for successfully operating and connecting my Achilles tendon.” – Leo G. (from
  • “I became acquainted with Dr. Babak Samimi after suffering injuries at work that required surgical repair to both of my elbows. The surgery he performed went well and my recovery and follow-up care, though long and tedious, had excellent results. I’ve regained most of my range of motion and continue to see Dr. Samimi for follow-up care and other possible repairs. He has a great bedside manner, is very easy to speak with, very knowledgeable, and explains procedures in lay terms, so that they will be easier to understand. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Babak Samimi to friends and relatives who may need orthopedic care.” – Cynthia C. (from
  • “Dr. Samimi is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. He is professional and caring. He knows what he is doing and is extremely well trained. He is a very nice doctor with very good bedside manners.” – Jenny M. (from
  • “I had such a great experience being Dr. Samimi’s patient. All of the staff at the office were extremely friendly and Dr. Samimi was very welcoming and professional. He took the time to really listen to the issues I was having with my foot, took an x-ray immediately and showed me exactly what was going on. Additionally, he followed up with me after a few days to make sure I was doing okay. Thank you!” – Mona K. (from
  • “My daughter had an ACL replacement surgery with Dr. Samimi and his PA. Irving Huynh. My daughter saw Mr. Huynh for all her pre- and post-surgery appointments. He was extremely helpful and explained everything in great detail. He also suggested that she start physical therapy prior to her surgery in order to ensure mobility after surgery. The surgery was a great success!” – Mary N. (from
  • “He is the greatest and I told him so…I said I’d refer people to him and I’m going to run again. He could tell from the X-Ray that I had a hairline fracture and ordered an MRI for a better look at what was going on. Turned out I had torn cartilage…after surgery….it’s been a great process. This is the first time in over 16 years that I’ve been without crutches, cane, boot, walker. Thank you, Dr. Samimi.” – Marie P. (from
  • “Dr. Samimi has been a blessing in my life, I credit him for being able to walk today. I have never met a doctor or staff that is more caring and professional. I am 65 and in better shape than I have been in years…I will always be forever grateful to Dr. Samimi and his staff. I could not recommend a better Doctor, staff and hospital.” – Lucy O. (from
  • “All in all this doctor’s visit was a very pleasant experience and I actually felt like this doctor really cared about me and my concerns and took the time to talk to me and explain everything. If I have any other orthopedic issues in the future I will definitely come back to this doctor.” – Patrina H. (from

Raymond Hall, DC – Chiropractic Medicine


  • “Dr. Hall is, quite simply, the best. I went to him for a running injury 2 years ago and he had me up and back hitting the pavement in no time. What struck me as most notable about Dr. Hall is that he clearly has a keen ear for listening to patients’ concerns and asks the right questions to really get at the root of the problem. He also has an outstanding ability to explain the nature of the problem, treatment, and reason for the treatment with as much or little complexity and specificity as the patient’s layperson ears can handle. Wouldn’t suggest or recommend anyone else!” (from Google+ Review)
  • “Dr. Ray Hall of Pacific Coast Sports Medicine helped me heal from several serious injuries and keep my body going during the ten week competition on “Dancing with the Stars”. I was training like a professional athlete over 50 hours per week; I needed the same treatment Dr. Hall gives to many pro-athletes. I was able to dance through my injuries despite the rigorous schedule thanks to his treatments. I would not have been able to compete and win the competition if it were not for the amazing care and treatment of Dr. Hall. Thanks, Dr. Hall, for making it happen!” – Brooke Burke – Celebrity (from
  • “In the dictionary under “Miracle Worker,” they should just have a picture of Dr. Ray Hall.” – T.J. Scott – Director/Producer (from
  • “Dr. Raymond Hall has successfully treated me for the past eight years and I can honestly say that I have never had more faith in a medical practitioner.” – Kevin Lund – Producer/Writer (from
  • “Dr. Raymond Hall is the best, most genuinely caring chiropractor I’ve ever gone to. Not only did he relieve my neck and lower back pain, but his treatments eliminated my anxieties. Unlike the experiences I’ve had with other doctors, I always leave his office with an overall sense of well-being.” – K.G. (from
  • “I am 102 years old and have been to many chiropractors throughout my life. Dr. Hall is, by far, the best I have ever seen! His adjustments help me stay young.” – Ed Fountain, Sr. (from
  • “I met Dr. Hall through a referral. “He’s a miracle worker,” said my friend. Yeah right, I thought. Having seen various specialists for my extremely painful sciatic nerve problem – I could hardly walk, stand, or sit – to no avail, I had reached near desperation and drug addiction. Four treatments later, with Dr. Hall treating me with as much care and respect as he would a famous professional athlete, I felt nearly 80% improved, able to walk and work, and enjoy life.” – D.R. (from
  • “Dr. Hall was recommended by someone I trust and I am THRILLED! He has a hands-on personal approach and runs a boutique practice. No chiro-mills here! You will get all the attention and help you need. Call him today. I will not consider anyone else for pain relief. I even turned my husband into a fan after a personal trainer damaged his shoulder. Go!” – Nancy H. (from
  • “I have worked with many physical therapists and I can honestly say that Dr. Hall is the best chiropractic physician I have worked with. Dr. Hall is unbelievably attentive and knowledgeable which are the two most important things for any patient. He is currently helping me recover from an injury and there is no way I would recover as well as I am if it were not for his care and guidance. I would and will recommend Dr. Hall to anyone I know who is in need of conservative manual integrative chiropractic therapy.” – Colton G. (from
  • “Dr. Hall is a gifted healer who cares deeply about his patients well-being. He is always pleasant and takes the time necessary to treat whatever ails you. His techniques are gentle, yet effective. I highly recommend Dr. Hall!” – M.T. (from
  • “We were being highly protective of our daughter, who was in a lot of pain and she was scared. We took our daughter to him, visiting his very nice Santa Monica offices for the first time. Everything about the visit was highly professional and kind. It was beyond obvious that we had made the right choice. Not only was Dr. Hall highly skilled and knowledgeable, but his whole staff was right on target. Due to not only his skill as a doctor, but almost as importantly, his whole demeanor and that of his staff, the visit was very positive, very helpful to our daughter and we left knowing that our child was in extremely competent and caring hands. Dr. Hall’s laid back and calming approach combined with his expertise is an unusual and winning combination. With so much emotion and criticism swirling about these days regarding health care, it is very good to know that he is in our lives. We could not recommend a doctor more highly.” (Google+ Review)
  • “I had a rib that had been out of place for a week. After suffering for too long, Dr. Hall did an assessment and a skilled adjustment and I had instant relief. It took a couple more days for my rib to completely heal but it only took one treatment. Dr. Hall–you’re the best. Thanks for everything.” – Steve C. (from
  • “Dr. Raymond Hall & staff provide great care to heal my back. It’s amazing that my pain is gone–after a few months of treatments. Dr. Hall listens to symptoms & adjusts my spine accordingly. I am sleeping well with the PillO1 form pillow as well. I highly recommend the doc & team – they are the best!” – Katherine G. (from
  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Hall for many years and his treatments are always excellent. I trust him and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is dedicated and cares for his patients.” – Sharyn B. (from
  • “My daughter had been suffering daily with very painful headaches. We had seen several specialists who didn’t have any answers. Dr. Hall began treating her neck, she has had great relief from her headaches. He is truly invested in healing his patients.” – Alyce B. (from
  • “I’m only sorry that I did not come sooner. I suffered through a lot of pain needlessly. I was so much better after one treatment. Dr. Hall is fantastic I plan to continue my treatments until I am healed.” – Joe H. (from
  • “I have serious chronic neck pain, mostly from long hours of grading. One visit with Dr. Hall is enough to provide me with relief. I always have the sense that his treatment is very patient specific – in other words, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. I would highly recommend him!” – Mary Ann M. (from
  • “After a misdiagnosis by another doc in a well-known orthopedic practice and an ensuing 6 months of not being able to playing soccer due to the pain, my son came to see Dr. Hall. Within 2 visits, Dr. Hall had pinpointed the issue, and after only 5 treatments, the pain in my son’s legs was gone!!” – Vicky C. (from
  • “Dr. Raymond Hall is a truly gifted doctor integrating the holistic approach to healing coupled with the benefits of western medicine. His sensitivity to and understanding of the stresses that we subject our bodies/spines to and his resulting Pillo1 invention put him at the forefront of other professionals in his field.” – Kathleen G. (from
  • “I and my family have been patients of Dr. Ray Hall over the years. He is a superb and knowledgeable doctor, with a great and caring manner. My son plays soccer at a high level and had a back issue that would not go away. Ray sorted him out in just two sessions and allowed him to go on to a successful season. I wish all doctors could be as competent!” – John W. (from

Jerrold Sherman, MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Jerrold Sherman, MD           sherman

  • “He was to the point and clear with me. He obviously knows what he is talking about and doesn’t have patience for people failing to tell the whole story. But if you truly have an injury, he is the doctor for you.” – B. Smith (from

Thomas Einstein, MD – Anesthesiology/Pain Management

einstein           jujitsu

  • The “likelihood of recommending Dr. Einstein to family and friends is 4.3 out of 5 [stars].” (from
  • “Dr. Einstein was the on-call anesthesiologist during my egg retrieval. If only there were other doctors more like this man. I was very nervous during my procedure. He put all my fears to rest. His amazing bedside manner, professional attitude and gentle demeanor make him an asset to the medical community. He does his job with a comforting spirit that makes his patients feel at ease. I have had a wonderful experience with this doctor, and would highly recommend him to anyone. Dr. Einstein is truly a gem amongst gravel.” – Yvette (from
  • “It was a huge relief to have such a fine doctor providing my anesthesia during surgery. I am a patient with a number of “unique” problems and conditions, and the doctor listened to each issue, and prepared a plan accordingly. Everything went well, and my anxiety level dropped to a minimum, mainly because of Dr. Einstein.” – Anonymous Review (from
  • “Dr. Einstein knocked me out perfectly in 1998 for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck at Dr. Grant Steven’s office in Marina Del Rey. I did not have to wait at all for him, and he was very courteous even though I made a joke about his great grandfather making the atomic bomb. He was fine with it. I am glad he helped me and I woke up without any problems. I would have him for a doctor anytime.” – Anonymous Review (from
  • If you have tricky needs with regards to anesthesia, try to get on Dr. “Einstein’s calendar. He is a pro’s pro, and a super guy, too. My wife was told due to her back surgery 28 years ago she couldn’t receive an epidural for the birth of our son. He was honest about the difficulties, but when the big day came, he was a superstar. Recommended without hesitation. Thanks for everything, Dr. Einstein!” – Anonymous Review (from

Boris Litvinov, DPT – Physical Therapy

boris           swimmer

  • “I first went to see Boris Litvinov for whiplash suffered in a car accident. I had seen physical therapists before and wasn’t expecting much. By the end of the first session I knew I had found someone special. My pain was relieved. By the end of the treatments I really felt healed. This was astounding to me because as an artist I have had life long problems with my neck and I’ve never found anyone who could really help me and I was arranging my life around my neck. I found I was resigning myself to a life of pain. Boris’s treatment included showing me how to stretch my neck to prevent the terrible muscle cramps I was getting and his stretches actually worked! I am ecstatic with the results because I am now pain-free! When I do get a problem I know there’s someone I can go to for help.”- Cynthia Wells – artist, Topanga, California (from
  • “I suffered multiple injuries to my right leg after being hit by a car – ankle, knee and hip. Boris worked with me to fully understand the nature of each injury. Then he designed a custom-tailored program that enabled me to bounce back in a fraction of the time it would have taken me on my own.” – Robin Mason – film maker, Mar Vista, California (from
  • “Boris gave me back my quality of life missing for so long under the inadequate treatment of other physical therapists. The extraordinary skills, techniques, compassion and dedication to healing me were evident within a short time and I healed and gained quality of life! When I sustained a recent extremely painful and debilitating injury I was/am grateful to have Boris help me through the injury and bring healing. I, along with family and friends who travel hours to obtain healing from Boris, feel blessed…” – Faith S., Sacramento, California (from
  • “Boris was highly recommended by a doctor whom I held in high regard. It was evident immediately why Boris had been recommended. I was suffering from plantar fasciitis, a very painful condition that at the time made walking most difficult. I was astonished at the relief I received after the first treatment. With further treatment and instruction in exercises I have found incredible relief. My confidence in Boris and deep gratitude to him is impossible to express in words. He is competent, kind and caring and without doubt one of the very best in the field.” – Russ Webb, Santa Monica, California (from
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