Patient Testimonials of Sam Rose, CN MS

  • I worked with him a few years back and had great results losing weight. This time he’s helping with correct some imbalances through better nutrition. He is so down to earth, not at all preachy and he really cares about people. I never feel like he is pushing a standard program on me or trying to up sell me on supplements.” – Hilary L. (from
  • “Sam Rose helped me where no one else could. Besides his nutritional expertise, he’s a skillful coach and motivator who helped me over the rough spots on a 90-day program to regain health – and lose weight in the process. What he advocates is not a diet – rather it’s a paradigm shift to put your life in balance with rest, nutrition, exercise, and meditation to deal with stress…it worked. I lost 40 pounds in that 90 days and picked up a new way of living and eating that unlike conventional diets is now relatively easy to maintain. I recommend him highly. Supplements are part of the process – but he doesn’t overload you with them – and nothing for me at least that has any questionable side effects. He’s a great guide not just for diet but to a better, far healthier life-style.” – John S. (from