Patient Testimonials of Thomas Einstein, MD

  • The “likelihood of recommending Dr. Einstein to family and friends is 4.3 out of 5 [stars].” (from
  • “Dr. Einstein was the on-call anesthesiologist during my egg retrieval. If only there were other doctors more like this man. I was very nervous during my procedure. He put all my fears to rest. His amazing bedside manner, professional attitude and gentle demeanor make him an asset to the medical community. He does his job with a comforting spirit that makes his patients feel at ease. I have had a wonderful experience with this doctor, and would highly recommend him to anyone. Dr. Einstein is truly a gem amongst gravel.” – Yvette (from
  • “It was a huge relief to have such a fine doctor providing my anesthesia during surgery. I am a patient with a number of “unique” problems and conditions, and the doctor listened to each issue, and prepared a plan accordingly. Everything went well, and my anxiety level dropped to a minimum, mainly because of Dr. Einstein.” – Anonymous Review (from
  • “Dr. Einstein knocked me out perfectly in 1998 for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck at Dr. Grant Steven’s office in Marina Del Rey. I did not have to wait at all for him, and he was very courteous even though I made a joke about his great grandfather making the atomic bomb. He was fine with it. I am glad he helped me and I woke up without any problems. I would have him for a doctor anytime.” – Anonymous Review (from
  • If you have tricky needs with regards to anesthesia, try to get on Dr. “Einstein’s calendar. He is a pro’s pro, and a super guy, too. My wife was told due to her back surgery 28 years ago she couldn’t receive an epidural for the birth of our son. He was honest about the difficulties, but when the big day came, he was a superstar. Recommended without hesitation. Thanks for everything, Dr. Einstein!” – Anonymous Review (from
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